17 October 2008

Friday Kick-Ass Clip of the Week

But seriously, who DOESN'T love Lionel Richie?

16 October 2008

Little Voice

Sarah Bareilles at the Moore Theater last night = two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Show starts at 8 pm. Kyrsa and I do some quick math, figure with opening acts, we'll still be home and done by 10:30 or 11:00. Hit the Palace Kitchen at 7 for some fabulous dirty martinis, olive poppers and smattering of tasty delish. Get to the venue by 8:15 and learn she doesn't hit the stage until 9:45.

Ok, I know I am old and tired, but TWO HOURS of opening acts? Seriously?

We make a pact. 10:30 - we're leaving. Too much work to do tomorrow, too much work was done today. We're too old to stay out until midnight on a school night...

Then Sarah hit the stage and totally enraptured us. With only one full album under her belt, she builds out the set with a Feist cover and weaves in Coldplay and Katie Perry lyrics to her songs when least expected. The KISS 106.1 kids totally miss the nod to Feist but those that care - well, we love it. That Little Voice - it fills the space and we sit and happily listen to every song and the encore.

With all of that, we were still out the door by 11 pm and it was even worth the drama of discovering our parking garage closed at that time too...but that's a post for another time (DAMN YOU SEATTLE PARKING!)

Cherry, I've got your casserole, but you have to come to Seattle to get it.

14 October 2008

Conversations with Mom

ReckenRoll: See, there's the airport exit. I TOLD you we didn't need to leave 45 minutes early to get to the airport.

Mom: Now, you leave your cell phone on in case there are any problems with my flight. I am going to call you.

ReckenRoll: Mom, I never turn my cell phone off. Only old people do that.

Mom: Never?

ReckenRoll: No, never. I may miss a call cause I am not near it but it's never off.

Mom: Really?

ReckenRoll: Yes. Really. You don't need to turn it off.

Mom: But how do you charge it?

ReckenRoll: Um, I plug it in?

Mom: It will charge if you leave it on?

-End Scene-

13 October 2008


Work has hit that fevered pitch that it does every so often. I swear this job has peaks and valleys and the peak is coming but I'm only 3/4 up the mountain. Come Nov 1, it will be sweet sailing into the holiday season but right up until Halloween I may just stop speaking to everyone except Cheech and that's only because she's working on the same project.

Last night I went to bed at 9 pm. No joke.

The trick to surviving times like these is to find the humor where you can...like today I started an email trail with clients entitled "BRAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNS" (it really was about brains). Everytime an email with that subject line popped into my inbox I got a little giggle.

Oh, and if you want a squishy brain talk to me after 1 November. I'm sure I'll have extra.

09 October 2008

Friday Kick Ass Clip of the Week

Because dogs are dumb...and that's funny.

08 October 2008

What Book Are You Reading? Do you enjoy it?

Nerdiest of all nerds, I was checking my Twitter feed and saw that Wil Wheaton has an interesting meme on his blog today.

(I used to have a little bit of a crush on Mr Wheaton in his Stand By Me days...I can't seem to let it go, regardless of that fact that he's like a nerd's super hero these days.)

So anyway, Mr Wheaton is wondering what book are you reading and do you enjoy it? Reading through his answers and some of the answers by his loyal nerd followers, I was reassured to realize that I don't have very much in common with anyone in that audience. In fact, I had only actually ever even heard of one of the books that one of them was reading "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawkins. The first comment to his post is reading "Javascript: The Missing Manual."

Yeah, it's hard core over in that corner of the web.

But what was also interesting was that he noted he reads more than one book at a time. I've tried this in the past but always feel like I am "cheating" on one of the books and not allowing myself to get as swept away by either of the authors as I could if I devoted all my time to really focusing on just one. I can't do two books at once.

This is probably why I can also only ever date one person at a time. I've tried 'dating" and found I lack focus when given too many options and end up liking no one in the end.

But I digress. This brings me to my two questions for all 4 of my readers today:
  1. What book are you reading and do you enjoy it?
  2. Do you read one book at a time or multiple books at one time?

07 October 2008

New Addition

Please say hello to Ms. Sasha. She's the latest resident in my new home.

Yes, I am one successful step closer to becoming crazy cat lady.

Carry on.

03 October 2008

Friday Kick Ass Clip of the Week

Rachel Ray really loves corn.

02 October 2008


It's a funny thing, the stuff you own. You're never forced to sit and really think about it until you are forced to move it all and they you usually, universally, find yourself asking the following question:


Like a VCR and VHS movies. I thought I gave all those away. And what do you do with old cds and cassette tapes? Is there a charity that takes them to 2nd/3rd world countries so they can enjoy the musical stylings of Color Me Badd? How about all those books I got for free on the 21 Immutable Laws of Marketing and the Whiskey Distilleries of Scotland. I've never read them. Why do I keep them?

Once you realize you have to pack up, lift and carry everything, it really makes the decision making process much faster. I've already taken 4 bags of clothes, shoes, and books to Goodwill.

But it's the random little things that build up over time...like the extra camera batteries, the books that have been read and loved, the sweatshirt that you know you should throw away (Stacey and Clayton would be appalled!) but you love it so much you can't let it go...these are thing that make our lives comfortable, if not slightly crowded.

I just moved from a 1 bdrm apartment to a 3 bdrm house and can't believe the amount of un-needed crap I have kept and yet already know I need to buy a lot more stuff to fill up my new house. I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like when I move out of this place someday...

01 October 2008

Home Owner!

For those who have been following along on the Twitter feed this is old news but as of last Thursday, I am officially a home owner! After years of saving and scouring the real estate websites like a scavenger, I finally have a piece of land to call mine.

That's right. It's not a condo. I OWN LAND.

I bought a 1950's rambler in North Seattle. It's on a cute little dead end street with a front yard, a back yard, and an attached one car garage. I have a neighbor named Sarah. I have trees. BIG TREES. I OWN BIG TREES. I have 3 bedrooms. I have a kitchen and a bathroom. I OWN A GARAGE. A garage! It seriously belongs to me. That idea blows my mind. Like, it's all mine. You can pick a flower in my yard. I OWN THE YARD...AND THE FLOWERS. This is big people! My little house needs some cosmetic updates but all in all, it's move in ready and I gotta tell you:

It's already a lot of work.

Once I got over the high of owning big trees (AND A LAWN MOWER!) I came down to realize that I had completely forgot what a PAIN IN THE ASS moving is...and I had a lot of help. I had amazing help! The Kyrsa Painting and Moving Operation helped on Friday. The Cheech and Brea Painting Crew took over on Saturday and on Sunday, the Jamey and Kate Moving Crew helped complete what the rest had started. But the hours were long, the muscles are sore, and the work is far from complete.

(Yeah, I know I need more men in my life but the women handled things JUST FINE ok?)

I painted three rooms on Monday and my hand was literally cramped around the paint brush by the end of the day. (I can now paint a trim a line with the best of them though!) Last night after work I had to finish cleaning and moving out of my old place - the odds and ends - and didn't get home until 9:30 pm. I got to my new house and was so tired I couldn't be bothered to put anything away in the new place. I am currently wearing outfits to work that can only be described as pieced together from clean clothes I could find. I don't look like a homeless person, but I kinda feel like one in these clothes.

The thing I hate about moving is that even though you are moved out, it takes FOREVER to move in.

But I now have 1300 sq. feet all to myself. I have a "Restful" green living room and a "Sun Light" yellow and white kitchen. The ugly two tone green bedroom is now a lovely soft pale lavendar and my bedroom and bathroom are a soft blue.

I'll post photos soon. For now, I have to go home and sit in MY LIVING ROOM and cook some food in MY KITCHEN and keep unpacking because I'm not homeless...and a home owner should dress better than this.