22 May 2008

Busy Busy Busy

  • Lord child have I been busy. Busy busy busy. Every weekend booked. Every weeknight choc-a-bloc. From Monday morning until Wednesday night I don't stop going. This morning, my coffee actually got cold on my desk because I was so busy I couldn't drink it. I am now blogging because I can't take it anymore. All systems are shutting down.
  • The GMAT class on Tuesday's is good. It's helpful. I think it will bring that score right on up. It's nice to have a reason to leave the office at 5 pm. It's not nice when it's nice out and I am stuck in a classroom for 2 hours while the sun sets and I have already been in an office all day.
  • Good thing I'm single. Officially single. Single single single. When I find time to date, I'll take up the banner again. No, there are no cute dudes in the GMAT class.
  • I am having trouble sleeping. I either dream stress dreams or wake up several times.
  • I celebrated eight years at my company last week. Where DOES the time go? I have no idea. Does that make me old? At least I know I don't have a problem with commitment or maybe I just like the abuse.
  • Heading to LA for the weekend to visit the Tawa. Going to see her play and rub elbows with celebrities. This should be awesome. I plan to lie like a vegetable.
  • Next Saturday I am going to Maui for 8 luscious days for a friend's wedding. Lots of friends from college will be there. I plan to sleep all day and do nothing more strenuous than to make sure I am appropriately covered in sunblock.
  • I miss you guys.

16 May 2008

Friday Clip of the Week:

File under: Completely random and Made me Laugh

14 May 2008

Songs to Get You Through the Work Week

Little something here for everyone:
  1. Handlebars - Flobots
  2. Hold On - KT Tunstall
  3. Love Don't Live Here - Lady Antebellum
  4. Overdure - Bitter:Sweet
  5. Mercy - Duffy
  6. Can't Find My Way Home - Ellen McIlwaine
  7. Baby Got Back - Jonathan Coultain
  8. La Belle et le Bad Boy - MC Solaar
  9. Foundations - Kate Nash
  10. Can I Get Get Get - Junior Senior
Now you know what I am listening to when I am ignoring you yelling at me from over the cube wall.

Enjoy my lovelies.

12 May 2008

Bad Blogger

I'm so sorry my pretties.

Work keeps getting in the way of my anti-social socializing on the Internet.

Damn you work!* Why must you torture me with your stress-filled deadlines and mind-numbing meetings?

(*but thanks for the paycheck. It helps numb the pain. )