24 June 2007

Just A Little Hike

Never believe someone who is in good Alaskan hiking shape when they say "It's just a little hike, really it's like a walk."

They are not to be trusted. As my friend Emily says, "Fit people ALWAYS say that."

But on Saturday, 13 brave souls and one fabulous dog, took a "little walk" to the top of an Alaskan hill and there before the lake, the mountains, and the great gray sky that my mom and all our family has known for our whole lives, we watched as mom married her friend and her sweetheart, Nick. There, surrounded by people I had known for as long as I could remember (and had probably all known me a lot longer than that), I gave my blessing and basked in the glow of a happy new couple. Weddings are like a drug - they can get you so high. I swear, love is contagious.

The bride wore new hiking pants and the groom was rumored to be wearing his "Beer or Bait?" T-shirt underneath his hiking gear (later confirmed when he changed for the party). There was laughter, happy tears, heart felt words and only one moment of "is that a bear or squirrel?"

All in all, a perfect Alaskan wedding. Congratulations Mom and Nick!


carolyn says said...

aww they look so happy, it sounds like a beautiful day.

KateR - Seattle/London/wherever said...

ohh - lovely! Congratulations to your mum and Nick!!!! And hope you're having fun in Alaska!

Matt said...

gotta love the Alaska summer wedding. I'm happy for your mom!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

How cool!
How were the mosquitoes?

Anonymous said...

Great seeing you again! Sorry we did not have a more monumental good-bye moment!

Congrats mamma Recken/Liston...to be determined.

Oh, also thanks for the cabin invite...23 years in the making. ;)


ian said...


my dad e-mailed me your blog entry of their wedding picture and I decided to visit the source. Send my congratulations to Kathy next time you speak.


Chuckdaddy said...

Congratulations. I love hearing about happy weddings where the participants really have planned one that fits and is genuine.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute photo of an even more beautiful couple...all my congratulations and best wishes to Kathy and Nick!! Very much looking forward to another trip up to AK and the cabin, at some point, for a celebratory toast in person...or another happy surprise meeting at the Paragon :)