31 July 2009

The People Have Spoken...

...at least, my friends and followers on Facebook have spoken! All 25 of them, and it appears a revival of ReckenRoll blog is indeed in order!

Turns out fame may not *just* be a state of mind?

And while I don't want to re-create the wheel, I do think a makeover is in order. Like Madonna and Britney and Janet before me, as with every new album, I need a new look, an edgy new approach, and some buzz to get you all interested.

I definitely need to wear less clothes and get some bigger hair.

Maybe I should leak a sex tape.

(Kidding mom)

So in the next few days/weeks look for some redesign and some new postings. Definitely some more Friday kick ass clips of the week and deep thoughts each Monday on what I learned over the weekend (Let's face it, I know why you people really show up at these shows) But no matter what your reason, you can all rest your sweet heads on your sweet pillows tonight knowing that ReckenRoll is back on the airwaves...

...and all is right in the world!

30 July 2009

Thinking of cranking this puppy back up again

We've got lots to talk about...but wondering if anyone is still out there?