01 September 2009

The Perfect Running Mix

So much like Katie Holmes, Oprah, Will Ferrell* and P Diddy before me , I too have decided to become a celebrity (half) marathon runner. I even registered and everything! I recruited some of my non-celeb friends to run with me (and do double duty as body guards) and have hired Drill Sargeant Goonder to dish out weekly cross-training workouts to make sure I stay balanced. If you'd like to celeb spot, you can find me most Monday's sweating out the fatness at Greenlake steps.

I am up to about 3.5 miles on a regular basis with 13 weeks to go until half-marathon time. I am a little worried about what happens next as I've never actually run further than 3.5 miles before.
However, in a moment of optimism, I even pre-purchased my 'Finisher' shirt.

I'll keep you posted.
*yeah, I was surprised about the Will Ferrell thing too! He never mentioned that to me...