29 March 2010

A Real True Effort

Hi, me again. I am not going to say I'm back...not yet. But I am hear today so read on!

I should start by letting you all know, I kicked that 1/2 marathon's arse. My goal was under 3 hours. I thought I would be "very pleased" to do it in 2:45. So when I got my chip time and it was 2:35 (TWO THIRTY FIVE!!) I was so pleased with myself that, still on my runner's high, I ran (no pun) right out and signed up for another one!

And I convinced several new others to do it with me. So many others that we've formed a team: Team Chubby Bunny.

Yah, OF COURSE we're gonna get t-shirts.

The nice thing about this is that it's all totally selfish on my part. Having done major bouts of athleticism before, like a triathalon, and then signing up for another one, I know a little something about motivation.

I lose it.

Without the fear of the unknown and concerns that I might actually die on the course if I don't run today, well, training tends to drop off and those lofty goals tend to be quickly replaced with a glass or three of red wine. After the first time doing the big daunting event, there's a sick level of smugness that sets in. It keeps my ass on the couch when it should be running.

"You've done this before, you know how it goes" (that's the smugness talking).

However, I am finding that by virtually coaching this new team through it, I am discovering new motivations. I have always been a walk the walk kinda girl and if I am pushing for others to do push themselves, I better be willing to deliver too. How can I possibly expect others to follow a training that I am not following myself? I can't. Not in good conscience.

So to my fellow members of Team Chubby Bunny, thanks for the motivation and reinforcing one of the things I know to be true in life: It's always better with a friend.

To the rest of the blogging world. I might be back, I might not. But the running will continue!