19 November 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

We are at T-9 days and counting. Training can't help you now. The best you can do is hope to maintain whatever fitness level you've achieved in the last 3 months.

For those keeping track, I've lost 4 whole pounds.

Training has become more and more challenging as of late. We've had 4 winter storms in the last 2 weeks here in western washington. It's cold. It's raining. It's windy. It's dark at 4:30.

Needless to say, it's not at all conducive to helping motivate someone to 'Get out there!'

This weekend, my last long run will take place in NYC. I have my route all mapped out from my hotel through Central Park and back again. Grand total: 9 miles. Despite my best efforts to convince her otherwise, I think my mom may be planning to hire a bodyguard to run with me.
I think I am in more danger from encountering a moose on my run in Alaska than on a trek through Central Park, in the middle of the day, on a highly populated running trail?

But I digress, it's the LAST CHANCE WORKOUT before the big race. Wish me luck!

10 November 2009

T-20 days and counting

It's a busy November.

Between work, class and training + my family arriving for the holidays and a trip to NYC for work, I am firing on all cylinders.

In training news, I ran 9 miles on Sunday and will run 10 miles this weekend. WHO AM I?!?! My lower back is currently rather unpleased about the whole thing. I've heard various advice from "yoga" to "new running shoes" to "stop running insane amounts of distance." While I like the last one best, I think I will try the first two first.

Oh, and at some point along the way, 5 miles became my favorite distance. Who knew I would ever have a 'favorite' distance? I actually started sprinting in the middle of the 9 miles last weekend around the 5 mile marker.

I am thinking I've discovered the "runners high."

In waistline news, I've lost exactly 0 pounds and am still wearing the exact same size pants. What's a girl gotta do? I RAN NINE MILES.