12 September 2008

Friday Kick Ass Clip of the Week

In honor of my late night visitor the other night, I wanted to post some cute raccoon video. Raccoons have tons of personality, they do smart funny things, I figured there was some YouTube something somewhere, right?

What I learned is that there is a surprising amount of people who keep raccoons as pets...and the majority of them have southern accents.

I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

However, instead of sharing with you the multitude of coons taking baths, eating birthday cake, stealing cat food and playing with the family dog, I am instead choosing a some what mellow video of a neighborhood bandit getting some treats. It's cute. It's how I like my raccoons (OUTSIDE the house) and that's all I can really say about it.

That, and I am NOT installing a dog door without one of those electric sensors that only let's the dog wearing the collar in. Raccoons in my house. Eek!

11 September 2008

Living in the Northwest

Last night, I noticed that THIS guy was watching me as I watched TV.

I now know what a zoo animal must feel like.

Our interaction was short and curious. I watched him watching me for about 10 seconds until he/she moved along. I think we should name him/her.


So Eloquent...

Really? The main point of national political discussion is around an old colloquialism "lipstick on a pig"? It's pure diversionary tactics. It's the GOP getting people to talk about something inane and common rather than key issues like national security or the economy.

"Hey hey American voting public! Look over here!! We're talking about pigs and lipstick!! Let's focus on that and not the fact that my proposed vice president has zero political experience on a national, let alone global level!!!"

BTW - If you go to You Tube and type in "Lipstick on a Pig" and "McCain" you will find at least 3 videos of McCain using the exact same phrase.

So yes. The bleeding hear liberalism will continue to be a theme until Obama is elected. The below beautifully captures some of my thoughts on current matters. The full op/ed can be found here.

"Yes, McCain made a decision (picking Palin) that revealed many appalling things about him. In the end, his final concern is not national security. No one who cares about national security would pick as vice-president someone who knows nothing about it as his replacement. No one who cares about this country's safety would gamble the security of the world on a total unknown because she polled well with the Christianist base. No person who truly believed that the surge was integral to this country's national security would pick as his veep candidate a woman who, so far as we can tell anything, opposed it at the time.

McCain has demonstrated in the last two months that he does not have the character to be president of the United States. And that is why it is more important than ever to ensure that Barack Obama is the next president. The alternative is now unthinkable. And McCain - no one else - has proved it."

08 September 2008

What I Learned This Weekend

  • Paint color choices can be overwhelming. It's harder than you might think to decided on a shade of yellow...without being too yellow...let alone what colors you want the rest of the house.
  • Cherryride wants a hot pink bedroom.
  • They sell cabinet knobs and drawer pulls at Target and they're priced better than Lowe's.
  • You can get really sick of watching home improvement shows.
  • I can improve my golf swing...and have!
  • Marymoor Park is an awesome concert venue, especially on a warm September evening.
  • John Butler Trio is better live than on the cd and you should all be big big BIG fans.

05 September 2008

Friday Kick Ass Clip of the Week

Well, if I'm back I better be BACK. Here's your Friday kick-ass clip of the week. Keeping this week's political theme...Enjoy!

01 September 2008

Break's Over

Just like those sunny summer days, my blog break is over. It's sad when I typed my address into my OWN address bar and it wasn't there. A sure sign that I've been gone long enough.

And I gotta say, I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! How ya been? Whatcha been doing? Who ya been seeing?

Many things to update all of you on including CherryRide completely ignoring me for pretty much the entire extent of Pest Fest, my foray into the Seattle housing market (closing pending!) and my new status as resident expert on what everyone should think about Sarah Palin.

I'll address the Palin thing simply by saying this...it's a fake of course but I think it gets the point across. Oh, and I guess I should clarify that she wasn't Miss Alaska, she was Miss Wasilla, and up until a few short years ago she was mayor of Wasilla. A town with a current population of just under 9000 people.

Someone with that kind of political experience is definitely ready to lead one of the most powerful countries in the world should the 72 year old President have some type of health issue. Don't you agree? Can't ya just see her going toe to toe with Putin and successfully negotiating with China?

Vote accordingly.

More soon and on a regular basis!