04 May 2010

Simple Pleasures

I've noticed lately that there are some little things that happen in my day to day life that bring me ridiculous amounts of pleasure.
  • Cream in my coffee. Life is short. A dash of cream in my morning coffee won't kill me or make me fatter and quite frankly, I'm nicer afterward. If you're into cream, go for it and don't feel a lick of guilt
  • Race Car morning commute. There is a point in my commute, every morning, where 520 opens up to 4 lanes and you temporarily have the opportunity to drive like a race car driver. VROOM! I do this everyday. It makes me exceedingly happy for exactly 45 seconds.
  • Speaking of driving, I feel pretty awesome when I can change lanes on the freeway and not hit any of those bumpy things.
  • Big words in daily conversation. Nebulous. Fiduciary. Pedestrian (not the noun, the adjective).
  • People who know the difference between the noun and the adjective of the same word.
  • A snuggle for the cat in the morning and a belly rub for the dog at night. I don't make these rules, I just play along with their demands.
  • Quoting a random movie and having someone else get it right away. It's like a joke told well.
  • A perfectly made Belvedere martini
  • Bad ass sunglasses. *Almost* makes you feel cooler than your favorite heels...almost.

And finally, being told "I read your blog. You should blog more."

In a word, "AWESOME." In more than one word, "a shameless plug for comments"


Goonder said...

You forgot one very important thing. "Diet Coke"

That is all.

Blog more.

Your Own Personal Mom said...

What can I say? Cream in your coffee and blog more. Awesome!